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Threshold Inspection

CSW Threshold Inspectors Observe Compliance as You Build


CSW Structural Design Services is your premier destination for top-notch engineering solutions in South Florida. Situated in the heart of Davie, Florida, CSW proudly serves clients throughout the entire South Florida region with a commitment to excellence and innovation. With our comprehensive range of engineering services and dedication to quality, CSW stands as a trusted leader in structural engineering services for the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

At CSW, we understand the critical importance of threshold inspections in ensuring the safety and integrity of construction projects. As a leader in this field, we offer a comprehensive suite of threshold inspection services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our experienced team of professionals is trained to conduct thorough inspections and provide expert guidance throughout the construction process.


Our threshold inspection services include: 

  • Foundation inspections
  • Concrete placement inspections
  • Reinforcement inspections
  • Masonry inspections
  • Structural steel inspections
  • Pre-stress and post-tension inspections
  • Wind-mitigation inspections
  • Special inspections as required by local building codes


CSW's commitment to excellence extends beyond mere compliance—we strive to surpass industry standards and deliver exceptional results with every project. Our team works closely with clients, architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure that all inspections are conducted with precision and attention to detail. From site visits to documentation and reporting, we handle every aspect of the threshold inspection process with professionalism and expertise.


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